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Leasing and Property Management

Florham Realty Management, LLC has been leasing and managing properties for over 20 years. In those 20 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to ensure a property’s success and how to foster a healthy relationship with tenants and investors. We believe that the best relationships begin with honesty and evolve with a growing understanding of our tenants and investors.

Because of our vested interest in our retail properties, we closely monitor the pulse of our retail centers and make every effort to support the success of our tenants. We build strong landlord tenant relationships based on a high standard of integrity shared by our entire management team.

Our relationship with potential tenants begins to take shape with lease negotiations, which are facilitated by our in-house attorney who drafts clear, comprehensive lease terms. Our vast experience underscores our comfort level in dealing with the very specific requirements of national retail chain stores.

We recognize the inherent challenges in the diversified roles of tenants as both entrepreneurs and general managers. Our team does everything possible to support their stability as lessees. Our maintenance and improvement crews are on site keeping our centers safe, clean, and attractive for new and returning shoppers.

We encourage tenants to share their ideas and concerns with us and are always available to address challenges. We may not always have the answer you want to hear, but we are committed to devising solutions that serve the best interests of all center participants. Florham Realty’s experienced management team has insight into the importance of tenant operations including leasing schedules, maintenance, security, and other fundamentals. This is intrinsic to our goal of achieving optimal profitability for our investors.

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