As property manager, Florham Realty Management, LLC closely monitors the pulse of each of our retail centers, making every effort to support the success of our tenants. We build strong landlord-tenant relationships, based on a high standard of integrity shared by all within our company.  The relationship begins with lease negotiations, facilitated by our in-house legal counsel, and clear, comprehensive lease terms. We are comfortable dealing with the very specific requirements of national retail chain stores.

Florham Realty recognizes the challenges inherent in the diversified roles of its tenants as both entrepreneurs and general managers, and our team does all it can to support their business endeavors.  Florham’s office staff and crews on site are dedicated to keeping our centers safe, clean, well-lighted, and attractive and inviting to new and returning patrons.

We encourage tenants to share their ideas and concerns with us through phone calls, letters and emails, and we actively address their issues. We may not always have the preferred answer, but we are committed to devising solutions that serve the best interests of all center participants.

At the same time, Florham Realty’s experienced professionals understand the importance of cash flow, leasing schedules, maintenance, security, and other fundamentals,  and we continually assess those variables to achieve optimal profitability for our investors.


Interested in learning more about Florham Realty Management, LLC and the properties or the investment opportunities we provide? Contact us today for more information, or call 732-583-1200.

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