Even in a difficult economic climate, investing in commercial real estate—with adequate underwriting and built-in reserves—can prove to be a prudent strategy for individual financial growth. 

Each of Florham Realty's managed properties is owned by a separate limited liability company made up of approximately 20 investors. Florham Realty Management offers the opportunity to invest in $50,000 units, which can be a shared contribution from two or more principals. The average return on cash investments to date has been no less than 7 percent, and often is as high as 11 percent per annum, together with  a pro rata share of principal reduction. Although there is potential downside risk when a shopping center experiences vacancies, properties nurtured by Florham Realty tend to fare better than other centers because they attract quality tenants, protect tenants’ principal profit centers, maintain competitive rental rates, and manage effectively through economic ebbs and flows.

Florham Realty maintains an ownership stake and serves as the exclusive managing member for each existing or newly acquired property.

Upon completion and closing of the permanent financing for a property, Florham Realty processes the monthly distribution of dividend payments, together with a profit and loss statement, and a status report on the project. The company always welcomes investor review and comments.

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